Request for the meeting

Tonight, I wrote an email to one of the independent schools who informed me putting my daughter in the suitable candidate’s list. I request to meet the admission department director. I am waiting for the response.



Toronto, LA, Boston or London?

We are waiting for the notice from Toronto’s girl schools. We made the discussion today after the discussion. If not accepted by either of the girls schools, we will leave Canada and move to USA for better education for Nana. Which city is better?

Today one friend of mine told me that she would take her son back to Shanghai. After finish the primary school, they would move to London.

London, shall we think about it?

I has been so irritated recently. I am so stressful for Nana’s JK admission. My husband has been sick for about two weeks, but I found I has been neglected him and always show my dissatisfaction to him. Tomorrow he will go back to China to work. I feel so…guilty. Sorry honey.

How can I relieve and take it easy? Why am I so stressful? Because of Nana’s education plan? Or my future? Or something else?


Sometimes, I am confused. How to educate my daughter? what will she be? If I forget the private school, forget the co-curriculum, how happy should we be! Why should I let her or even force her to learn so many stuff? Did I ask her whether she like it or not? I didn’t…But if I didn’t send her to the extra-curriculum, will I hold up my child? It’s dilemma. But, what’s my life?

Start again

I am back. Since the first article in Feb. 14, 2014, I didn’t write anything. But now, I want to start it again to record my life, me, my daughter and my family.

Time flies so fast. Now my daughter, Nana, is 3 and half. “Terrible 2, horrible 3.” Yes, totally agree.

February is really hard month for me. On Feb. 3, I got the news from the independent schools. One private school puts my daughter in the waiting pool while another one put her in the shortlist for the 2nd round offer since I was told by the director that it is very competitive this year, with a high number of priority (siblings and alumnae) applications. And my daughter is in her shortlist since she is a good candidate. While anxious waited the 2nd round offer I took my daughter to the top girl school in Toronto for JK assessment and parent interview. There was no news from the private school on Monday. I got the reply on Tuesday when I wrote to them to ask how is the 2nd round offer going. “At this point all our JK offers have been accepted.  She will remain on our suitable candidates’ list in case someone who has accepted, declines.  Do keep in touch.  If nothing opens up for JK, please reapply for SK.” So disappointed. hum…

What’s their criteria to accept the candidates? I really curious. I was told by a friend that one girl who both of us know has received both schools’ offers. But she is commonly recognized as not better even worse…She almost never joins the class happily in the drama and arts class, and sometimes just sits away for observing…never say hello to others, seldom interact with peers. So strange! But it seems that her mom found “Somebody” to refer her daughter…Is it important? Who is the “Somebody”? Alumni, or influencer?

Anyway, it is over and we have to move on…

I am waiting for the notice from the two girl schools from Toronto. All Toronto independent girls’ schools have agreed on Feb. 24 for offers. Wish my daughter and me good luck.

Today I read two articles about educations. One from a mom, who sent her son to the top independent school in London, the other from a successful student who was picked as the outstanding student by Claremont McKenna College. I am encouraged and inspired. Exciting is easy but consistently implementing is difficult.

I need to work out a plan, on how to educate my daughter in the coming SK applications to independent school, and, how to be myself. I don’t want to be lost. I am not only a mom.